August 14, 2020
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How To Add Pay me Link For Blogger

When you use a Blogger-powered site, you can either add a payme button or use Limepay to embed the donation form. 

Limepay is a free, and user-friendly payment platform that accepts payment of cards, Stripe, Coinbase, and low fee ACH bank transfer.

If you spend time visiting & researching other people’s blogs, then you’ve probably noticed donation buttons on various of them. In this article, we are going to teach you how to add a payme button to your site. You can place the button on every blog page or in the menu bar. 

Step 1

Create your Limepay payme page by signing up on Limepay. Here is the guide to know how to create your own Limepay payme page.

Your Limepay payme page URL seems like –

Step 2

Add a PayMe Button on your Blogger Website:

Adding Payme buttons to your blog can be a great way to make additional benefits & request your visitors to donate money. If you need a fast way to add and accept donations on your blog site, we’ll step through the steps from start to end.

(a) Log in to your Blogger Account.

(b) Click on “Layout” then “Add a Gadget”, Now scroll until you find the “HTML/JavaScript” option and click on the plus sign pin. As seen below:

Limepay - blogspot settings

(c) Now on your Limepay dashboard click on “PayMe Page”.

Limepay - payme page

Click on the pencil icon marked with an arrow to copy the css script.

Limepay - css copy

Click on “COPY”.

Limepay - payme button

(d) After copying the whole HTML code for the payme button, open the “HTML/JavaScript” pop-up window and give the “Title” and paste the code where it states “Content”.

Limepay - copy code

(e) Hit “Save”

(f) Adjust the location of the button accordingly.

(g) Moreover, sidebar links are a great approach to share links and explain things that are essential to you. Now hit “View your Blog” to see the final result.

Final Output:

Limepay - blogspot donation link


By following all the mentioned steps you are set to see the final output with your own Payme button. That’s It ! Limepay is a unique way for bloggers to add Donation Buttons. Now you can directly start accepting payments through the PayMe Button or link to an Image to your Blogger Website.

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