September 19, 2020

Welcome to Limepay!

Limepay is a convenient modern payments platform made for freelancers, small businesses and content creators.

In this handy guide we’ll show you how to;

Step 1 – Create an account on

Creating a Limepay account takes 1 minute and requires only an email address. 

Go to and click signup on the top right.

limepay homepage


Fill in the form with your email address and a password. For business name you can use your own name if it is a personal account.

limepay signup page

Step 2- Connect your payment processor.


A payment processor allows you to accept payments and then have that money deposited into your bank account. Limepay supports Stripe and Coinbase. Stripe allows you to accept credit card payments and direct bank transfers (ACH) and Coinbase allows you to accept various cryptocurrencies. 



If you don’t have a stripe account you can sign up for one by filling out a simple form. On the left hand side of the invoices page click the ‘connect a Stripe account’ box to see the form.

payme page setup

Here is the form you will need to fill out to get a stripe account;

stripe account setup on limepay stripe account setup on limepay 2stripe account setup on limepay 3stripe account setup on limepay 4


If you don’t have a coinbase account you can follow this how to guide. To connect your coinbase account will you need your API key. When you have it click the top right payne to be taken to the settings page.


coinbase account setup on limepay


And here on the settings page you can enter your API key and connect coinbase to receive cryptocurrency through Limepay.

coinbase account setup on limepay 2

Step 3 – How to compose and send an invoice

For freelancers and small businesses the invoicing application of Limepay will be indispensable. You can quickly and easily send a professional invoice following these simple steps;

Click ‘create your first invoice’ on the invoice page and you will see the new invoice page. 

create invoice on limepay


The first thing you will want to do is add the details of the first client. Click ‘Add customer’ and fill in the form like below;

add customer in invoice of limepay

Update customer details on limepay

Save the client info and select the client from the drop down menu;

saved clients info on limepay

Now optionally fill out the project name. From the drop down menu select the date the payment is due. Optionally the clickbox to the right of the due date sends a reminder email 48 hours before the invoice is due. If necessary you can add a message for your client. Then list the goods or services billable.

So long as you have connected a Stripe account you will be able to offer your client the payment options of ACH direct bank transfer and credit card. If you have connected a coinbase account you also can offer to accept payment in various cryptocurrencies. If the options are available you can choose to offer the client by ticking the box.

Now there are processing fees associated with credit card transactions. You have the option to either pay those fees yourself, split them with the client or have the client pay all the fees. Select your option. 

custom invoice of limepay

Finally you can send the invoice by clicking send. 

 Step 4 – Create a PayMe page

A Payme page is a portal you can send a customer to that allows them to effortlessly pay you. It looks like this; Try clicking that link to see how it works.

You can use the PayMe page to accept donations for content creation, for example for twitch streaming or youtube. You can also use it to sell subscriptions say for a blog or to sell digital media like music through your website.

To make one first go to the invoice page and select the ‘PayMe page’ link.

limepay payme page creation

You will see this pop up, click through

creating payme link of limepay

Here you can configure your page

payme page creation on limepay 1

Name your page then choose a URL that isn’t taken. Upload a logo. You can add a message of Thanks for your clients. Now you can select which of your available payment methods you would like to offer through the Payme page. In the example we have selected bank transfer, but we could have selected all three options. Finally choose how the transaction fees will be split and click save. 

Try a live PayMe page here

Here is what it looks like;;

limepay payme page

Step 5 – Create a PayMe button and embed it in your website 

To create a PayMe button to embed into your website first click the PayMe page link on the dashboard.

limepay payme page to imbed in your website

Next click the edit button icon in the PayMe page settings page.

limepay payme page settings

Now you can configure the text of the button as well as the size. Click the COPY button to the top right of the CSS text box. Now you can paste that text using Ctrl-V into the source of your website or the HTML donation setting in say a Twitch account. The button should appear as configured on your website and clicking it will lead to your PayMe page. 

limepay payme page CSS setup

And there you have it! A quick intro to the key features of Limepay today! 

Limepay is quick and easy to setup, an effortless way for your customers to pay you, and an essential tool for freelancers and small businesses. 

Our support agents are available 24/7 to assist you. Either use the chat on every page of the site or email


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